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Tips for Selecting the Right Dog Boarding Facility

Many dog owners fear the prospect of taking their dogs to boarding facilities but a kennel stay nowadays is usually a camp or resort-like experience for pets with televisions with dog-friendly programming, comfortable beds, and at times, agility equipment, and swimming pools. And with adequate preparation, your pet will be as thrilled about his trip as you’re about yours. However, you must choose the correct boarding facility for your dog for him to enjoy the most. There are many dog boarding facilities, but they are created differently, the reason it is important to research. This page outlines some crucial factors of consideration in choosing a dog boarding facility.

Make sure you seek recommendations and check reviews. There are many dog owners, and chances are, they have taken their pets to boarding facilities. You should talk to them in order to know what they liked or disliked about the dog boarding facilities they took their pets to. In order to gather more insights, you should read reviews. Information from past clients will help you know about the facilities, charges, and professionalism of various dog boarding facilities. Thus, you’ll be in a position to list potential dog boarding facilities.

Ensure the dog boarding facility has a good image. As you start your dog boarding facility search, you’ll come across facilities that have made a name. You should consider such dog boarding facilities to be sure your dog will get the kind of experience you desire. Since they dread hurting the image they have built over a long duration, esteemed dog boarding facilities offer quality facilities, charge fair rates, and hire the best handlers to give dogs the best experiences.

Be keen on the license. Even though authorities require every dog boarding facility to carry a current permit, some dog boarding facilities defy this ruling. However, they are aware of the realism that clients will ask for them, the reason they operate with fake ones. If you take your dog to such facilities, they can take advantage of him in terms of nutrition, medication, and care. Since they haven’t been vetted in any way, it is probable their team don’t have the skills needed to care for your dog. If the worst happens to your dog, the authorities aren’t in a position to give recourse. Before settling for a dog boarding facility, it is necessary to ask for its permit number then contact the authorities for verification.

Last but not least, check the experience. Many dog boarding facilities come and go, but some last for many years. While a newbie may seem to have what it takes to offer an excellent experience to your dog, you should avoid them. This is because they haven’t mastered the best practices of caring for your dog. On the other hand, veteran dog boarding facilities are the best. They know about the nutrition, activities, socialization, health needs of the dogs they deal with hence offering the best. To determine how experienced a dog boarding facility is, research the duration it has been in business and how many clients it has served.

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